6 Reasons to use a Romance Travel Specialist

DSC_0539Destination weddings, honeymoons, vow renewals, anniversary trips, babymoons, familymoons – these aren’t your typical once-a-year family vacations. These will be the most important trips you may ever take, and also the most important trips you will ever plan. So, why take any chances? Partner with a Romance Travel Specialist like me. You do the travel dreaming while I handle the details behind the dreams!

Not convinced? Here’s a list of the top 6 reasons couples planning a romance vacation should use a Romance Travel Specialist for this special, once-in-a-lifetime trip:

1. I’ll always deliver the best value.

Note, that doesn’t always mean the lowest price! Sometimes, the cheapest online deals aren’t the best choices for many couples. As a romance travel specialist, I’ll present options and help you choose the travel arrangements that best fit your dreams. Do you go to a restaurant and tell the waiter “just bring me the cheapest dish on the menu”? I’ll bet not.

2. I’ll take away the hassles and headaches of travel planning, especially for groups like Destination Weddings.

For many romantic getaways, the booking itself is just the start. That’s when the real work begins – with a Destination Wedding, for example, someone has to communicate travel details to your wedding party and guests, answer questions about passports and departure taxes, track down important guests who are waiting ’til the last minute to book, and take Aunt Nancy’s daily calls about what there is to do in Mexico before the ceremony takes place! As the romance travel specialist, I take all of those phone calls and emails off the bride and groom’s plate!

3. By working with a travel consultant, you get the benefit of my professional expertise and insider industry knowledge.

Many couples feel they can plan this important vacation themselves using info they’ve gathered from the Internet… but that info isn’t always complete, and it’s usually slanted in favor of the suppliers and others who’re sharing that info. For example, a resort may offer an amazing rate for a honeymoon stay at a luxurious Jamaican resort, but the fine print in the “deal” doesn’t mention the fact that the resort will be undergoing renovations during the honeymoon dates. So, you get your dream honeymoon (albeit for a low rate) in the middle of a construction zone. Or, Destination Wedding guests may book a less expensive stay at a hotel next to the resort where the couple will be hosting the wedding, but no one tells those guests that they must pay for daily passes to get onto the resort for the ceremony or any other time they want to hang with the rest of the crew. It’s even entirely possible that the resort hosting the ceremony may hit capacity and stop selling day passes! So those guests get turned away at the gate and miss the wedding they traveled all that way to attend. As the romance travel specialist, I know these things – and I’ll happily share them with my clients. Plus, I have the “backup” of an experienced industry network to consult with if needed.

4. I’ll help you avoid costly misunderstandings and mistakes.

What must couples do to get lawfully married in Mexico? What steps must they take to conduct a ceremony in the Roman Catholic chapel near their chosen resort? What must Destination Wedding guests who are bringing children do if they’re divorced and share custody in order to avoid customs/immigration delays at the airports? What fees must couples pay if they want to use their own officiant or bring in their preferred photographer? As the romance travel specialist, I handle questions like these to help my clients avoid nasty surprises!

5. I’ll step up for you when things go wrong.

When a last-minute hurricane warning appears three days before the Destination Wedding date, or the resort calls to say it’s overbooked the honeymooners who must now be “walked” to an off-the-beach property down the road, I’ll step up for my couples to protect their rights and their trip! The big guys on the internet won’t do that!

6. This is likely the most important vacation you’ll ever take.

Again, why take chances? Making your travel arrangements with me won’t cost you anything extra, and will get you so much more than if you just booked your trip online.

Call or email me to start planning your special romantic vacation.

Negril, the chill spot

beach cabanasNegril, Jamaica is affectionately known as the ‘Capital of Casual’ for it’s beachy, laid-back vibe. Seven miles of pristine white sandy beach is located only 90 minutes from the airport in Montego Bay. Due to Negril’s status as the westernmost city in Jamaica, you’ll experience the most amazing, unobstructed sunset views. The city is home to a variety of attractions, local beach bars, fitness events, shopping, and of course, fantastic watersports opportunities.

Seven-Mile Beach: Considered by many to be the ultimate Jamaican beach destination, the miles of white-sand and crystal clear waters make Negril a perfect spot for beach lovers. Soak up the sun from your beach lounger or take a leisurely stroll in the sand. Feel free to check out the never ending parade of people from all over the world, or close your eyes and relax to the sound of reggae and ocean waves. If you’re a water sports enthusiast, be sure to book your stay at one of the beach’s fantastic all-inclusive resorts. The best ones offer complimentary snorkeling, stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, and water-skiing. Divers will enjoy Negril’s protected reefs where it is not uncommon to see nurse sharks, stingrays, sea turtles, and even dolphins! Let your heart race high above the Caribbean Sea; experiencing the thrill of parasailing.

Sunset love

The Cliffs: Now for something completely different. The “Capital of Casual” is so much more than just a stunning beach. No Negril vacation is complete without a visit to the famous cliffs. For a unique experience, head over to Rick’s Café. This bar, restaurant, and chill spot is the place to watch the Negril cliff divers flip, twist, and splash into the clear cool waters below. Enjoy a Red Stripe while they do their thing, and then find a spot to watch the sun wave its fiery goodbye to another day, often accompanied by live Reggae music. Also on the cliffs are a number of small local bars and restaurants, as well as boutique resorts and villa properties. Most of the accommodations in this area will feature a private stone staircase from your room to the water.

Rick's Cafe
Negril Cliff Diver
Negril Cliffs

Craft Market: The craft markets of Negril will satisfy your urge to shop with a wide array of paintings, wooden carvings, Caribbean inspired dresses/sarongs, and handmade leather good such as belts, sandals and wallets. Not only are the crafts beautiful, but the craft market experience itself is not to be missed. Jamaican craft vendors might be compared to the brokers of Wall Street in that they are chief negotiators, always willing to haggle over prices. See something you like? Make a low offer and prepare to bargain. Chances are good that you’ll walk away feeling like you got a great deal on a souvenir you’ll treasure.

Beachfront Suite view

Accommodations in Negril range from luxury all-inclusive resorts and boutique hotels to rustic inns and cozy guesthouses. There’s really something for everyone…unless you’re looking for a ultra-modern high-rise. Local building codes prevent developers from constructing anything higher than the tallest palm tree.

Next up: We’ll move to the lesser known parts of Jamaica- the South Coast!

Jamaica Part 3: Montego Bay, the party spot

Oh my, Montego Bay…..the perfect destination for a Jamaican vacation with variety. Affectionately called Mobay by locals and visitors in the know, this North Coast city is the second largest in Jamaica. It hosts the most popular airport for tourist arrivals, Sangster International Airport (MBJ), which means that your Mobay resort will be no more that 20 minutes from the airport. If you’re only in Jamaica for a short getaway, stay at a Montego Bay resort for the shortest touch down to toes-in-sand time, because you know you’ll want to be on the beach asap!


There’s no better place on the island if you want to see and do it all. From Montego Bay, you can access most of the other key resort areas within a 2hr drive, opening up all of Western Jamaica for day trip exploration. Closer to home, Mobay proper holds many charms. Your resort is almost guaranteed to be on a beautiful beach (especially when you use Three Wishes Travel to find your perfect resort match). Scuba enthusiasts will enjoy exciting wall dives within a 20 minute boat ride. Golfers are spoiled by four fantastic championship courses. For the party, well…..you’ve come to the right place. The famous Montego Bay Hip Strip will satisfy all of your needs for local nightlife.

Let’s take a closer look at Montego Bay:

Rose Hall Great House: History buffs will appreciate learning about Jamaica’s plantation days. The Rose Hall Great House is the most famous of all Georgian-style plantation mansions in Jamaica. Legend tells that is is haunted by the ghost of it ruthless mistress, Annie Palmer, who earned the nickname “The White Witch of Rose Hall”. According to the story, Annie Palmer practiced voodoo, enjoyed beating slaves, and murdered several husbands within the house..before being murdered by a jealous slave that she had taken as a lover. Tours are offered of the property including the option to do an evening tour, focusing on the spookier aspects of the mansion’s history. The grounds also hold the White Witch Golf Course and a zip-line excursion.

Margaritaville Mobay-The Hip Strip: Home to shopping, restaurants, and clubs, the Hip Strip is the tourist activity center of Mobay. By day, the Hip Strip is one of the city’s many opportunities for souvenir shopping, dining, people watching and is home to a couple beach clubs popular with both tourists and locals. At night, the strip heats up at Margaritaville, Blue Beat, and Pier 1. If you like to drink and dance, you’ll definitely want to check out one of these clubs during your vacation.

Reggae Sumfest: Plan your travel during mid-July and be in Montego Bay for this annual Reggae festival. This multi-day event features popular Jamaican artists as well as international superstars. Resorts in the area sell out quickly for the festival dates…Be sure to plan your Sumfest vacation months in advance.

iberostar-grand-hotel-rose-hall-pool-view-2Accommodations in Montego Bay range from large all-inclusive resorts including luxury options for both families and adults-only, to smaller boutique offerings (both all-inclusive and not). Villas are also available. Work with me to find the best value accommodation for your needs.

Next up: Negril!

Jamaica, Land I Love!

DSC05860Christopher Columbus described Jamaica as “the fairest isle mine ever eyes beheld…”

No other Caribbean island offers as much diversity as Jamaica. Sugar-white beaches combine with clear turquoise waters and vibrant green foliage to soothe your soul and replenish your spirit. Explore a rich island culture that expresses itself with fiery hot cuisine and the sultry beat of reggae music. Jamaica is large enough to provide for every taste. From the world-famous adventures of Ocho Rios to the party-vibe of Montego Bay. From the twinkling seven-mile stretch of beach in Negril, to uncharted nooks on the South Coast where romantics can hide away. Jamaica is a paradise for everyone.

In this multi-part blog series, we’ll be exploring my home-away-from home in depth. Jamaica is too fabulous for just one blog post. So, I’m splitting it up and focusing each week on a different vacation destination within Jamaica. In the coming weeks, we’ll visit the top-tourist spots of Ocho Rios, Montego Bay, and Negril. These are the spots you may know a bit about and are probably interested in visiting. Then, we’ll dive a little deeper and touch on the lesser known regions of the South Coast and Port Antonio, hopefully introducing you to some treasures you hadn’t heard of.

Let’s kick it off in a fun way and learn some Jamaican vocabulary! While English is the official language of the island and is taught in schools, you’ll hear most locals speaking something else entirely. Patios (pronounced pat-wa) is an English-based Creole language with West African influences.

  • Wah Gwaan= What’s going on? or What’s up?
  • Mi deh yah= I’m here or I’m good
  • Irie= Everything’s alright, feeling good
  • Jamrock= Jamaica
  • Yardie= Jamaican, local
  • Big Up= give respect
  • Rasta Man= Rastafarian man
  • Pickney= child
  • Bredren= friend or colleague
  • Everyting nice= Everything is going well
  • Nuh badda mi= Don’t bother me
  • Jus a toops= Just a little
  • Tun deh so= Turn there
  • A beg yuh= Can you please…
  • Moreish= tastes good, will want seconds
  • Brawta= extra
  • Yuh mad?= Are you crazy?
  • A who dat?= Who is that?
  • Nyam= Eat
  • Repeck= Respect
  • Link mi latah= Come see me later, call me later


Start practicing these Patios words and phrases. You’ll be ready for your Jamaican vacation in no time!

Next week: Ocho Rios!

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Announcing my membership with the one and only DWHSA!!!

Three Wishes Travel is a DWHSA Member

I’m so happy to announce that I’ve joined DWHSA, an elite group of vacation consultants focused on Destination Weddings and Honeymoon travel. Membership in this organization will  directly benefit you by providing me with fantastic tools for your wedding or honeymoon plans. When you make your destination wedding or honeymoon plans with Three Wishes Travel, you can be sure that you’re working with a true expert in this niche!