Get MORE with Group Travel

The saying goes “The more the merrier” and it’s totally the case when you’re talking about travel!

There are so many reasons to take a group trip. Some of the most common are family reunions or destination weddings. Others include holding your meeting or conference in an exotic destination, or rewarding employees for great work with a few days of R&R in paradise. Studios for dance or yoga may consider organizing a group trip for their customers with a focus on their activity, while Scuba shops frequently organize group dive trips for their students. Perhaps you’ve got a circle of close, fun-loving friends…I think that’s reason enough to get away and take a vacation together.

Not only can traveling with a group earn you discounted rates on airfares and hotel rooms, but many resorts and cruise lines offer special group amenities as well.  Of course they vary based on destination, but group amenities can include complimentary use of meeting facilities and A/V equipment, private group cocktail parties, dinners, photos, spa treatments, etc. Depending upon the number of rooms booked, you’ll likely also earn some complimentary rooms or upgrades. Group organizers can often go on the trip without having to pay for their accommodations!

I’ve seen resorts and cruise lines practically bend over backwards to accommodate groups. They’ll provide yoga instructors a space to hold classes on the beach for their customers and organize special excursions just for the group. Many dance studios choose to offer themed dance cruises because cruise ships will hold private dance socials or classes at sea in their ballrooms!

It doesn’t take much to qualify for special group offers. On cruises, you’ll need at least 8 staterooms (or 16 people) and for many land-based spots, you’re considered a group with as few as 5 rooms! So get started on planning your next group vacation! Trust me when I say that everyone in your group will be glad you did!